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Hi, I’m Hayley, and I’m obsessed with living the good life. Whether that’s travelling frequently, ravenously devouring a good book or simply making small changes to make me feel healthier and more content in my day to day life. I want to show you how to live a fuller, happier life through travel and wellness.

Join me on my journey and start living A Life of More now!

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A Life of More...



Life is fleeting. Travel often, be curious and make the most of now. Find out how to make travel part of your tomorrow.



Learn how to get the most from life by incorporating healthy habits. Eat well, exercise often and keep your mind sharp.



Fancy yourself a blogger? See how to get started, build an audience and make money doing something you love.

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I've got over 10 years' experience working in the travel industry and have helped hundreds of people plan their perfect holiday. From arranging a round the world trip to giving my recommendations on where to get the best coffee in Bali, why not challenge me to make your travel experience a whole lot better?

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